Within today's creative landscape, finding the perfect photographer or director for your next project can be a daunting task. Not only do you require someone who can capture your unique vision, but also an individual who brings the refined technical skill and experience that ensures your trust. Your time is valuable and partnering with a team that promotes inspiration, timely communication, and attention to detail is of the utmost importance. We can't wait to bring your next project to life, meet Mark DeLong Photography.  


As a Los Angeles advertising photographer and New York advertising photographer, Mark brings years of professional experience to each of of his projects. Whether it is capturing images through advertising photography, or taking on luxury photography for an exclusive brand, Mark is committed to every detail. When providing commercial photography, our team focuses on the production elements that make your project a success and deliver the high-quality result required within commercial projects


Throughout his career, Mark has had a transcendent passion for the magic of being a fashion photographer. Whether his projects take him to New York or Los Angeles, Mark thrives with creative fashion concepts, capturing beautifully-designed products and selecting the perfect talent. Fashion photography allows Mark to bring the clothing to life and illustrate a story behind the collection. This genre is met by our team with ingenuity, forward-thinking and a dedication to a luxury aesthetic. 


When Mark is in front of his camera, he truly brings out the beauty within each of subjects. Our team has executed projects for cosmetic to hair-care brands, bringing the products to life through each photo shoot. Leveraging relationships with some of the most talented make-up artists and hair stylists in the country, allow our team to constantly rise above expectations. Beauty projects allow our team to push the limits of creativity and deliver a result that is compelling, fresh and current.    


From Los Angeles to New York, our team has been fortunate enough to work with some the most talented artists in the world. Being a seasoned celebrity photographer over the years, has given Mark and our team opportunity to craft a bespoke approach to each project. From producing a seamless photo shoot to timely communication, the MDP team strives to foster a creative and comfortable environment. Mark also is proud to call himself a Nashville music photographer, one of his favorite markets for celebrity work. 


Being a lifestyle photographer utilizes one of Mark's greatest strengths, bringing out the natural energy and personality of his subjects. Lifestyle photography allows brands to tell a story, engage their consumer and if done with intention, create an undeniable emotional reaction. Whether you are wanting to capture a customer experience at a luxury hotel or up-scale shopping center, our team is committed to booking the perfect talent, crew, and creative for your vision.                               


As a director, Mark has experience with everything from highly-produced commercial projects to music videos. These motion projects allow Mark to utilize his skills within sound, cinematography and storyboarding. With an expertise in gear and technical camera work, Mark is able to transport a project from concept to a high-quality final product. Our team also joins forces with some of the most experienced motion crew in the industry, selecting the perfect talent to create your vision.