Commercial Photographer

Mark's beautifully executed still and motion photography are what makes him an excellent photographer for commercial products. From idea creation to execution, Mark is passionate about developing beautiful images that speak to a company's brand and products. With over 17 years of experience as a commercial photographer, Mark has worked with many well-known clients. You can find Mark's work for companies such as Mercedes, Marriott, American Airlines, Greenies Pet Care, Fruit of the Loom, Chinet, Waterford Crystal and Jim Beam.

As a photographer for commercial brands, Mark understands that images need to feature your products while breathing new life into your brand. That's why he approaches every single shoot with a fun and energizing attitude. He strives to make the most of every shoot, ensuring that every technical detail is taken care of.

Full-Service Commercial Photographer

What sets Mark apart from other photographers is his tireless professionalism to capture images that evoke powerful moods, showcase a lifestyle and sell products. He also has the unique ability to function both as a still and motion photographer. He can seamlessly move from director to director of photography depending on the vision behind the shoot.

The Mark DeLong Photography team takes a comprehensive approach to all professional commercial photographer shoots. From creating storyboards to casting to set building, the team is there from start to finish to create photos that speak to your target audience.

If you're looking for a professional commercial photographer, contact Mark DeLong Photography today to discuss your next campaign.

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