• I first met Mark DeLong after searching for a vibrant, contemporary photographer with a different eye than the many photographers I have worked with as an Entertainment Publicist and Marketer. I needed a photographer who could take a creative and challenging shot. After sharing my visual concept over the phone with Mark, he took on the project and captured EXACTLY what I wanted! Mark makes sure his closed, secure sets are calm and peaceful to bring out the best in his subjects.
    — Brenda, Publicist
  • I worked with Mark and his team on a shoot for Marriott and was so impressed with his professionalism and creativity from the very beginning. We hired him for his photography style and didn't expect that we would also really get a partner in developing and improving on the vision we had for our campaign. He has an amazing team behind him that really has the whole process down to a science so that Mark can focus on the art of it. From model selection to location scouting, not to mention amazing hair and makeup - plus the lighting guys, wow. We couldn't have been happier with the way this shoot turned out. Highly recommend!
    — Jennifer, Content Marketing Director
  • Mark is an exceptional photographer and an absolute delight to work with. His understanding and command of the craft is inherent and his dedication is infectious. Mark was eager to listen to the ideas of others as well as provide his own recommendations – to create a great shot. Our location proved somewhat difficult, but Mark was able to make the best of it and we came away with amazing photos – the client couldn't be happier. He's one of the best!
    — Danielle, Digital Designer
  • Mark is a great photographer and a great guy, he is a total blast to work with. Personable and professional all in one package.
    — Alex, CEO