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Miami is a city of spirit and life, and its location is the ideal canvas to compose compelling photographs. Mark DeLong knows Miami and its clients, and uses his knowledge of the city, his technical acumen and industry-leading creative approach to provide the best service you’ll find among Miami commercial photographers. While others may complete jobs as quickly as possible, Mark channels his full attention into each project — from pre-production to putting the finishing touches on the final images. Mark exceeds his clients’ expectations by applying more than 17 years of experience shooting stills and motion, a creative eye and a commitment to excellence on every job.

Mark DeLong’s client list and portfolio highlight his experience in advertising photographer with top brands, as well as his experience working in a variety of industries. No matter the project at hand, he works to understand the subject and the client’s objectives, always looking for the best way to capture the most compelling images. Beyond the actual production, Mark DeLong Photography spends time thinking about the target audience and how to best reach them through the images. The results speak for themselves: beautiful images that make an impact and keep clients coming back for future productions.

Miami makes a perfect landscape for photography. So what does your Miami shoot involve? Mark’s depth of experience in Miami helps him scout ideal locations, produce inspired shoots and take captivating images. When you choose Mark DeLong as your Miami commercial photographer, you can take advantage all of Mark DeLong Photography has to offer.