Celebrity Photographer

Mark DeLong is a well-known celebrity photographer with experience in both studios and on location. He's an innovative thinker who approaches each shoot with a desire to create beautiful still or motion images. His experience spans over 17 years, and he's worked with a variety of campaigns that feature celebrities including the TV shows "Nashville,” "Boardwalk Empire" and "I am Jazz." Mark has also uses unique lighting and elegant backdrops to photograph celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Morgan Freeman, Rob Gronkowski and more.

As a professional entertainment photographer, Mark understands that it takes passion and organization to photograph celebrities. He has the creative vision to help put together a successful campaign and knows exactly how to bring out personality in each image.

Full-Service Approach to Campaigns That Feature Celebrities

Mark takes a full-service approach to every shoot. Not only can he serve as a director and director of photography, but he is also an expert at organizing campaigns from start to finish. The team can create a set, bring in the right celebrities and style the entire shoot to stay consistent with a brand.

Mark's fun and energetic shoots make it easy for him as a celebrity photographer. He's passionate about helping celebrities relax in front of the camera to create beautiful photos that depict the essence of the celebrity and the product you're selling. If you're looking for a celebrity photographer, contact Mark DeLong Photography to discuss your next project.

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