Fashion Photographer

Mark DeLong knows an outstanding fashion photographer has the ability to showcase luxury designer clothing and accessories for each brand he works with. He plans each meticulously styled image by using elegant lighting schemes and turning every single photograph into an ode to the client's product. Mark handles every aspect from pre-production to editing the final images or video. He hand-selects each member of the team who works with him, who display the same exact standards. Every shoot Mark embarks on receives his personal touch and reflects his unmatched commitment to exceeding clients' expectations.

Exceptional Eye for Detail

Mark's many talents as a high-end fashion photographer include still photography, video and creative direction, a unique and desirable skill set sought by many fashion brands. He uses these to create amazing images for his clients. From handling the hiring of stylists and makeup artists to taking care of any last-minute production details, Mark makes it easy for clients to trust him and his team to manage everything flawlessly. He makes each shoot enjoyable for everyone involved while producing photos and videos aligned perfectly with his clients' desired message.

Portfolio and Clients

Mark has worked with celebrities, fashion brands from around the world and top names in the fashion industry. Photos from a Mark DeLong fashion shoot present a perfect mix of artistry and storytelling. His sophisticated understanding of the industry has elevated him to one of the leading fashion photographers.

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