Mark DeLong:
Hotel Photographer // Los Angeles

By personally working through each phase of every project, hotel photographer Mark DeLong perfectly captures a brand's essence and aligns his work with that brand's messaging goals. Along with his team of creatives and technical experts, Mark has worked with some of the most prestigious and well-known brands in the world, including Cirque du Soleil, Gatorade, Reebok and the Discovery Channel.

Mark and his team always go above and beyond his clients' expectations. His unbridled commitment to quality and endeavor to follow his vision makes his talent unmatched by any other professional hotel photographer in LA.

Visuals have power. When a potential customer or client sees stunning images of your hotel and its many amenities, they can picture themselves there. They will associate your hotel with all the positive feelings they get from those images. Words just don't have the same power as a beautifully set and directed still or moving image captured by Mark DeLong.


Accurately portraying the brand and succeeding in messaging goals is the purpose of any commercial hotel photography project. To make that happen, Mark adds his personal touch to every aspect of a shoot. He scouts for the ideal location, designs incredible sets, hires and styles the talent and adds any last touches to make the end product truly exceptional.

Mark also takes on multiple roles during projects. As director, he focuses his attention on the big idea. He directs his team to make his vision a reality. When he acts as a stills photographer, he captures vibrant images that showcase the best aspects of the brand he is portraying. As the director of photography, Mark utilizes his cinematography skills — including set design, lighting and more — to tell a story through moving images.

Not many commercial hotel photographers in Los Angeles have all of these skills. Mark's ability to flawlessly blend stills and moving images using complex lighting setups has established him as one of the best directors of photography of his generation. His quick wit and personal touch endear him to everyone he works with.


Los Angeles draws visitors from all over the world. A booming tourism industry has led to a competitive market for accommodations. A luxury hotel photographer like Mark DeLong can help you set your LA hotel apart from all your competitors.

Mark is a rare talent — few can rival his creative eye and ability to capture beautiful scenes in dynamic images. From conception to completion, Mark gives attention to every detail, no matter how small. His close attention to detail and commitment to his work is unparalleled. Meanwhile, his visionary and innovative ideas lead to productive and profitable visual assets that will set your brand apart from your competitors.

Explore Mark's past work through his portfolio. This collection speaks for itself, showcasing some of his best work for many different clients in a range of different industries.

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