How to Capture the Perfect Moment in Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is an incredible and fun style of photography that you can offer along with your services for commercial photography. Rates for lifestyle photography will vary depending on the subject and how extensive the shoot is. You can be called on to do lifestyle photography to shoot a newborn, lifestyle photography for an entire family or lifestyle engagement photos. What’s important is that you capture some of those perfect shots that the family will remember forever.

How can you do that? It’s important to remember that the perfect moment isn’t structured. Don’t try to force the perfect shot — instead, follow these lifestyle photography tips to get some unforgettable pictures your clients will love.

Get to Know Your Subjects   

The secret to any good commercial photography is to know your subject. Nowhere is this truer than when figuring out how to shoot lifestyle photography. The better you know your subjects, the easier it is to guide them toward the right shot, and the better prepared you’ll be to get it. By talking to and watching your subjects, you’ll have a better chance to anticipate their actions and get that shot.

It will help if you let your subjects pick activities they like to do. This is especially true with children, who tend to get impatient and can be tough to control. If you can let them have fun and gently guide them rather than try to pose them, you’ll be in much better shape.

Set Up Your Shot       

Although you want lifestyle photography shots to feel candid, you don't want to just get in there and start shooting. Always be aware of your lighting and do what you can to create the perfect mood for the kind of effect and shots you’re hoping to achieve.

Again, you do want a candid feel, so don't structure your subjects' every move. Give them something fun to do that you know is likely to produce some great photographs.

Be a "Fly on the Wall" for the Majority of the Shoot

It comes back to that feeling of candidness. You don’t want your subjects to look at you, smile for the camera or pose. You don’t even want them to remember you’re there. Set up the shot so you’re as unobtrusive as possible and then let your subjects play.

Don't Sweat the Small Things

Don't stress too much about trying to get the “perfect" shot. Lifestyle photography is supposed to be a slice of life — and life isn't perfect. If there are toys not put away or a bed not made, that can give the shot some character. You will want to move any objects that impede the shot, but things that simply make the shot "less perfect" can actually provide some surprisingly excellent results.

Go With the Flow and Have Fun       

If you’re having fun, your subjects will too. Ideally, they’ll forget it’s a photo shoot and just be themselves. When you achieve that dynamic, that’s when you’ll get your best shots.