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From fashion and advertising to lifestyle and celebrity, New York photographer Mark DeLong has earned the trust and respect of many of the most demanding clients in the world. Mark’s artistic vision, technical skills and management acumen — as well as his friendly, approachable personality — make him one of the most trusted still photographers for the world’s leading brands and personalities.

Flawless execution from beginning to end separates Mark DeLong from every other still photographer in the world. Mark collaborates closely with every client, and his inspired visions are rooted in the earliest phases of every production. He helps choose the location and supporting talent, he designs lighting schemes, and he directs even the largest sets. Mark retouches and composites the final stills, resulting in exquisite images that exceed the goals of his clients.

Mark’s creative vision and technical expertise are so strong that his distinctive treatments become the style of his clients. Clients appreciate his collaborative and friendly nature as well as his practical ideas. Each image tells the desired story because Mark’s inspiration, skills and commitment to excellence are evident in every campaign. Whether for editorial, commercial or celebrity photography project in the vibrant city of New York, Mark’s results allow every brand to tell a story.

Mark enjoys collaborative working relationships with many of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Mark’s portfolio includes advertising stills campaigns conceived and produced for clients such as Condé Nast, Mercedes Benz, Vanity Fair, SONY and Bridgestone. His creative eye and 17 years of experience create a diverse portfolio of commercial stills unlike any other photographer working in New York.

Explore the stories Mark tells through still photography by viewing some of his work.