Mark DeLong:
Celebrity Photographer // Nashville

Personal images of distinction that express the character and personality of the subject establish Mark DeLong as an innovative Nashville celebrity photographer of his generation. Mark handpicks the industry’s most talented stylists and hair and makeup artists for each project, which may include still or motion photography. Mark’s uncanny ability to fuse his artistic and technical expertise with the vision of his client makes him an in-demand professional for celebrity photography in Nashville and around the country.

Flawless Collaboration

Excellent entertainment photography demands a collaborative mindset, and Mark’s engaging style and visionary talent leads to flawless collaborations. Mark is involved in every aspect his shoots, including scouting locations, designing complex lighting schemes and styling talent to enhance the goals of the production. Mark personally retouches and composites the final stills and video edits to create an immaculate collaboration.

Mark’s rare ability to capture the character of a subject through still and motion photography establishes his 17-year reputation as one of the most respected visionaries in the industry. Many of the world’s most recognizable celebrities and Nashville entertainers identify Mark as approachable but professional, and exclusive but fun.

His Clients

From Rascal Flatts to Morgan Freeman, Mark has photographed the world’s most identifiable celebrities. Clients such as Capitol Records, Warner Music, Condé Nast and others choose Mark when nothing less than extraordinary images will do.

Explore Mark’s portfolio of celebrity photography to view his work.

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