Mark DeLong:
Lifestyle Photographer // Nashville

Aspirational brand messaging requires telling the story of a lifestyle, and superior results demand extraordinary vision, talent and technical expertise. Nashville lifestyle photographer Mark DeLong and his team conceptualize, create and execute strategies that fuse his talent with the goals of his client to create beautiful lifestyle campaigns. Mark captures the essence of prestigious global brands with an uncompromising commitment to excellence — but with a friendly, collaborative approach.

His Approach

Behind each of Mark’s flawlessly executed lifestyle campaigns is astonishing attention to detail, handpicked supporting talent, and a commitment to creating a finished product that exceeds the goals of the client. Mark’s ability to conceive and produce technically complex still and motion lifestyle campaigns sets him apart from every other photographer in the Nashville scene. The result is elegant images that distill a brand’s message clearly and creatively.

Mark collaborates carefully with each client to conceptualize and actualize the story of a brand through a multidisciplinary approach. Mark manages the location and talent selection, works with leading innovators in style and design, and personally finalizes every campaign with retouching, compositing and editing. His clients include brands recognized around the world for innovation and quality — brands with campaigns that sell more than an iconic product, but also an image.

His Clients and Portfolio

Mark’s portfolio includes still and motion photography for diverse, global businesses. National brands in advertising, music, fashion, and entertainment are just a few of the industries that Mark has worked with.

Explore Mark’s still and motion portfolios to view his creative lifestyle photography.

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