Mark DeLong:
Director of Photography // Los Angeles

Making a concept come to life requires talent, experience and a creative eye. Mark Delong delivers these characteristics and more as a director of photography in Los Angeles. With more than 17 years of experience shooting stills and motion for fashion, music, celebrity, lifestyle and commercial advertising, Mark knows how to manage ambitious and complicated projects to ensure they deliver outstanding results. His professional approach and industry leading technical knowledge allows him consistently exceed client expectations.

Browse Mark’s client list and portfolio to find top brands that keep coming back because of the beautiful work they get when Mark directs their photography projects. Not only are these large commercial brands, but they also represent a variety of industries — which is a testament to Mark’s versatility and ability to translate his creative abilities to execute on a diverse collection of products and services. He’s at ease when directing and focuses on translating an unparalleled vision into a stunning piece of photography work.

Your vision will be represented and enhanced with Mark as your director of photography. He directs motion projects in Los Angeles and other major cities throughout the United States. He brings an unrivaled attention to detail to each shoot, taking into account and managing all the technical components on complicated sets. If your project is too important to trust to just any director of photography in Los Angeles, one whose work simply blends into the advertising landscape, choose Mark DeLong Photography to ensure your concept reaches its fullest potential.

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