Lifestyle Photographer

Mark DeLong demonstrates a natural ability to capture the moments that make for natural, uninhibited lifestyle photography shots. His shots bring out the personality of a brand by demonstrating its unique properties and allure. He works with a handpicked team who oversee every aspect of the production, from casting to hiring outstanding stylists and makeup artists to set design. Mark is a collaborator in the truest sense, listening to his clients and keeping their needs top of mind while pursuing a vision they will appreciate for its imagery and messaging value.

Stills and Video

With experience as a lifestyle campaign photographer shooting both stills and video, Mark has a deep understanding of techniques and approaches that create the most striking imagery. His distinctive touch is evident throughout the production process, from start to finish. He scouts the location and has a hand in everything up until the retouching and compositing of the final image or the editing of the video. Mark prioritizes his clients' satisfaction with the project. He consistently exceeds their expectations.

Clients and Portfolio

Clients appreciate the care Mark takes with their brand and his dedication to doing things right while still having fun. As one of the top lifestyle photographers in the industry, Mark has enjoyed working for many of the best-known brands in the business.

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