Mark DeLong:
Celebrity Photographer // New York

Celebrity and entertainment photographer Mark DeLong designs and creates powerful personal images that capture the character and goals of the subject. With a handpicked staff that includes the most talented stylists and artists working in the industry, Mark always works to exceed the goals of his clients. His photography fuses a powerful artistic vision with technical skills that result in compelling, unforgettable images.

Flawless Execution

A successful celebrity photographer must demonstrate a willingness to collaborate, a warm approach and exceptional talent. As a leading celebrity photographer in New York, Mark works closely with his subjects and team members to capture flawless moments against this exciting, urban backdrop. He is involved in every aspect of every shoot. From choosing the location and designing the lighting to styling the shoot and editing the images, Mark DeLong brings his uncommon skills and commitment to excellence to every production.

Mark demonstrates a rare ability to capture stills and motion projects with equal skill. As one of the most respected entertainment photographers in New York, many of the world’s most famous personalities turn to Mark when they’re looking for a distinct image.

His Clients

Mark maintains studios in New York, Nashville, Miami and Los Angeles but travels across the country to style and shoot celebrities and entertainers. His clients include world renowned brands in fashion, music and entertainment. When nothing but an exceptional image will do, clients such as Capitol Records and Condé Nast turn to Mark.

Browse Mark’s portfolio of celebrity and entertainment photography to learn more.

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