Mark DeLong:
Fashion Photographer // Los Angeles

Fashion is art, and fashion shoots demand an artistic photographer who can best showcase styles and personality through still images. Mark DeLong is a highly acclaimed, experienced editorial photographer in Los Angeles who produces stunning images for fashion and editorial purposes. He focuses his creativity and attention to detail on each project, allowing him to understand the vision of a designer or publication — and then follow through on that vision and see it become a reality. He possesses an in-depth technical proficiency of intricate lighting techniques, and he is skilled at directing complicated and large productions. With more than 17 years as an editorial photographer in Los Angeles and across the world, he has worked in diverse genres across the fashion industry. He always finds a way to meet and exceed his client’s expectations.

Mark’s work has appeared in top fashion magazines and other publications, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, ELLE and more. These publications trust Mark for editorial photography in Los Angeles because he is talented, thorough, creative and proven. When you’re facing a deadline and your shoot is too important to trust to a novice or a photographer who is churning through work, contact Mark DeLong Photography. He channels all of his focus and efforts into each shoot, taking each as an opportunity to craft stunning images for editorial and fashion purposes. The pages of your campaign or magazine come alive when Mark is your fashion photographer.

Browse Mark’s portfolio to learn more about his passion for fashion and editorial photography.

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