Mark DeLong:
Hotel Photographer // Miami

Words can have great meaning, but visuals have a much more significant impact. Hotels can tell potential customers the advantages of choosing to book at their hotel instead of another, but a still or moving image shows them. When these potential customers view imagery from a hotel, they can picture themselves staying there. Words do not have the same persuasive characteristics as images.

Mark is an expert at his craft. His past work showcasing his visionary attitude and immense talent has set him apart as one of the best photographers and visual directors of his generation.

Along with his team of creatives and technical experts, Mark has worked with some of the most well-known and respected brands in the world, representing a wide variety of industries. Clients he has previously worked with include Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Vanity Fair, Fruit of the Loom and Sprint.

Because of his excellently designed and executed stills and moving images, Mark is one of the greatest luxury hotel photographers in Miami and other major markets.


The ultimate goal of a business's visual assets is that they comply with the unique branding and messaging purposes. Mark is there through every step of the process, from creating the vision to applying the finishing touches. He caters to every detail, including finding just the right location, hiring and styling the talent, designing the sets and giving everything the perfect lighting.

Mark can take on multiple roles during a project. As a director, he will focus on the bigger ideas and concepts and direct the members of the team to help him bring his vision to life. When Mark acts as director of photography, he utilizes many different skills to create dynamic and engaging motion pictures that tell a story and connect with audiences. When he takes on the role of stills photographer, he captures stunning images to invoke an emotional response in audiences.

Not many professional hotel photographers in Miami or other cities match his skill set. Mark also brings a clever wit and friendliness to every one of his projects, making him a real pleasure to work with.


Miami is a unique city known for its vibrancy and other special qualities. It has a thriving tourism industry that stimulates many other economies in the city and the surrounding area. With so many tourists visiting every year, your hotel must stand out from the others in Miami.

Mark's keen eye and dedication to his craft allow him to create inspiring visuals as stills and moving images. He works closely with every one of his clients to learn about their brands and create practical and profitable visual assets. For one of the best resort photographers in Miami, you need Mark DeLong Photography.

Explore Mark's past work by browsing through his portfolio. Let his work speak for itself to show you exactly what he is capable of creating.

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