Mark DeLong:
Director of Photography // New York

Mark DeLong conceives and realizes striking, meticulous images that tell the stories of many of the world’s most famous brands. With an unsurpassed commitment to creation, collaboration and production, Mark excels at exceeding the expectations of his clients. Whether he’s shooting celebrity, fashion, lifestyle, advertising or commercial photography, every Mark DeLong motion production is full of visionary talent and flawless execution.


Mark believes close collaboration with a brand’s thought leaders fosters a dynamic partnership — a partnership that can alter the course of a business. Mark shares the brand’s story using his creative vision, precise attention to detail, accomplished supporting talent and a commitment to controlling the entire creative process. From location scouting to the final video edit, Mark brings his personal touch to every motion project as director of photography.

Mark is renowned in the industry for his technical expertise, elegant lighting schemes and superior management skills. He brings vision and approachability, as well as expertise and practicality to every production. For over 17 years, Mark has created the stories that define the world’s most exciting brands.

His Clients

As a leading director of photography in New York, Mark DeLong conceives and executes precisely crafted finished moving images. Mark’s motion photography clients include diverse global brands such as Loews, Vassarette and Waterford. He has also shot indelible stills for brands such as Mercedes Benz and celebrities such as Morgan Freeman.

Successful collaboration and a commitment to getting the details right are what make Mark DeLong one of the most innovative motion photographers working in New York today. Explore Mark’s video portfolio to view some of his work.

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