Hotel Photographer

Mark DeLong conceptualizes and brings to life a creative vision for hotels that tells the story of their brand. As a photographer, he visualizes polished images and videos that express what it feels like to stay in a luxurious hotel. Mark carries out every inch of that vision with a hands-on approach and attention to detail that exceeds the expectations of so many clients. From assembling a team of talented stylists and designers to work with him to overseeing every part of the production, Mark executes his ideas flawlessly behind the camera.

Skill Set

Sleek, sophisticated spaces need a photographer with the ability to showcase their elegance. Mark fosters a professional yet fun atmosphere where the client's message remains the top priority. He and his team manage every aspect of production, collaborating with the client to achieve photo and video beyond what they imagined. Each step of the process, from Mark’s technical lighting to directing the large set, receive the deliberate consideration they deserve under Mark's eye.

Clients and Portfolio

Hotels from around the world have used Mark's photography to capture the essence of their brand. His gift for communicating concepts and style through choosing the right locations and cast allow hotel chains to express exactly what they want through their messaging. Mark listens to his clients' preferences, making him one of the leading photographers of hotel brands.

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