What Is Luxury Photography?

Should you pursue luxury photography? Is it worth it to advertise a luxury photography studio? What is luxury photography, exactly? Here are some luxury photography tips to help you understand the craft and whether or not it’s right for you.

What makes photos luxury photos? It's hard to give an agreed-upon luxury photography definition because it’s as much a mindset as a style of photography. The truth is that there are tiers of commercial photography.

There is value photography, where customers just need someone who knows how to point and shoot a camera and won't charge them a lot for their marketing photos or family portraits. Then there are middle-range commercial photographers who are skilled and know what they’re doing and charge a little more for their expertise.

Then there are luxury photographers who take the photography shoot to the next level.

Can Luxury Photography Be of Anything?

Just about! Remember — luxury photography is a mindset. It’s about making your client and the subject of your pictures look and feel luxurious.

You’re going to be charging a premium for your service and your clients need to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. You charge more because you have fewer clients who you give much more personal attention. You’re not going to rush those clients out to get to the next gig. You’re going to spend as much time as they need to be satisfied and make sure you’re giving them exactly what they want every step of the way.        

How Do I Shoot Luxury Photography?

One aspect of luxury photography that’s non-negotiable is that you have to be a great photographer.

Know how to shoot luxury photography before you start your business. You have to know how to make your subjects look fantastic and luxurious. Whether that means knowing the right lighting setup, the right filter or the right angles, you have to make it work. You have to be able to make anything glamorous, even if you don’t have that much to work with to start.

You can treat your clients like royalty, but if they don’t like the way the pictures look, you’re going to go out of business fast.

Is Luxury Photography Different Than Advertising Photography?

Both advertising photography and luxury photography can be an important marketing tool.

However, advertising photography tends to be more about creating a brand and telling an overall story, while luxury photography focuses on taking your current subject and making it look great in the moment. You can take a luxury approach to an advertising photography campaign, but luxury photography implies a specific perspective.