Healthcare Photographer

Striking images tell the story of a healthcare brand. Photographer Mark DeLong shoots stills and videos that display the energy of the many healthcare clients he has worked with. He can capture strong bodies, brimming with vitality and life, and determined faces working toward a tough but attainable goal. Mark collaborates with his clients through every step of the process to achieve images and videos that exceed their expectations. He and his team handle every detail, from scouting locations to casting to post-production. Mark retouches and composites the final images until every shadow, line and color is perfect.

Skill in Motion and Stills

Mark has a unique flair for marrying his artistic vision with clients' campaign goals to produce sophisticated, creative imagery. Mark has an aptitude for working as director of photography and photographing stills, overseeing every aspect of a shoot. He conceives the concept and carries out the execution through meticulous planning. He hires a roster of gifted hair stylists and makeup artists to help execute his vision. His complex and effective lighting techniques impress clients with images that stay on brand and flawlessly convey their message.

His Clients and Portfolio

Clients including well-known national brands and top names in the healthcare industry recognize Mark's distinctive talents as a health and fitness photographer. His elegant, exceptional images and videos reflect Mark's consistent goal across every project — they convey the client's message in a visually appealing manner.

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