Petcare Photographer

Mark DeLong has a unique talent for working with animals. His photographs capture playful, concerned or joyful moments when pets display their trusting attitudes and devotion to the people who love them. As a petcare brand photographer, Mark shoots stills and videos that convey the essential message to sell the client's product. Mark and his team handle every detail of his productions, to ensure the result is what the client wants to see. He enjoys working with animals and seeing the tremendous heart they bring to every interaction with him and his crew.

With Mark in charge, clients can sit back and enjoy the process of seeing his vision come to life. He oversees everything. He scouts the location, works with some of the top dog trainers around, and hires superlative stylists and makeup artists and whoever else the production requires. When Mark commits to a project, he gives it the attention it deserves. He stays involved with every part of the production, proceeding through each step with care.

Video and Stills

Mark's photography, both motion and stills, displays his gift for showing animals in their natural state. They appear relaxed and natural in his stills and videos. A campaign won't work unless the cat, dog or other animal looks at ease. Mark sees reassuring the animals and calming their anxieties as a critical part of this process, and he and his team go out of their way to make animals feel secure.

The results of the production reflect this commitment to the highest quality of pet photography. Mark makes every shoot fun. He embraces the opportunity to showcase a brand's products in an original, memorable manner. He brings a distinctive skill set that includes experience as a director of photography and stills photographer, and his images reflect his uncommon perspective. He has the ability to manage the production details flawlessly.

Branding Campaigns for Petcare Products

Mark believes collaboration between the photographer and client lead to the most effective messaging. He shares his ideas and listens to what his clients desire to get everyone on the same page. Branding often relies on aspirational images to increase interest in products. Mark can bring those images to life. With a consistent approach to every situation and a cohesive plan for each brand, Mark far exceeds his clients' expectations and achieves the goals for their products.

Clients and Portfolio

Many nationally and internationally recognized petcare brands have chosen Mark to shoot video or stills for their biggest projects. Drawing inspiration from everything around him, Mark produces unmatched photos that tell the story of a brand. His elegantly designed pictures and sophisticated video delivers the results brands desire, setting them apart and giving them a way to share what is special about them. Mark understands it's not just pictures of dogs and cats. It's a particular lifestyle the client wants to sell.

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