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Nashville is a vibrant backdrop for photography, and Mark DeLong conceives and produces still images that exceed the goals of every client. With a friendly approach, an uncompromising commitment to managing the entire creative process, and a supporting team of the industry’s most talented professionals, each Mark DeLong production demonstrates immaculate realization.

Mark believes actualizing a brand’s vision through still photography requires flawless execution from beginning to end. He is involved with every aspect of a shoot, from pre-production to post-production. Mark and his team select the location, manage casting and styling, and design technically complex lighting schemes. After the shoot, Mark expertly retouches and composites the final stills to produce extraordinary images that achieve his clients’ goals.

Mark conceptualizes projects using a multidimensional approach that includes equal expertise in stills and motion. Clients love his creative approach because it effortlessly blends visionary inspiration with marketable, executable design. By collaborating closely with his clients, Mark’s images tell a story that only his rare skills can share.

Mark’s expertise in still photography establishes him as one of the most creative commercial photographers in Nashville and the nation. Mark’s client list includes diverse businesses such as Capitol Records, Mercedes Benz, Condé Nast, Warner Music Group, SONY, Bridgestone and other extraordinary clients. His beautifully designed and expertly executed still images make Mark one of the most in-demand commercial, advertising and lifestyle photographers working in the profession today.

View Mark’s portfolio to explore the compelling stories he has created in the energetic Nashville scene.