Mark DeLong:
Advertising Photographer // Nashville

Mark DeLong conceives, creates and finishes expertly designed advertising photography that realizes the messaging goals of the world’s most prestigious brands. Mark and his team exceed the expectations of his clients through an uncompromising commitment to managing the entire creative process. With a friendly approach, exquisitely designed sets, and a hand-selected team of supporting talent and superior technical expertise, every production further establishes Mark as the best advertising photographer in Nashville.

Product Stills and Motion Campaigns

Flawlessly executed still and motion photography that clearly actualizes a brand’s message is the goal of any commercial photography endeavor. Mark manages each aspect of every shoot, including scouting locations, hiring and styling talent, designing an extraordinary set, and retouching and compositing the final stills and video edits. Known for technically complex lighting, Mark’s fun yet sophisticated productions result in elegant, on-message advertising campaigns.

Mark’s still and moving images blend his distinctive, visionary inspiration with practicable, profitable ideas. His ability to capture the essence of a brand through unforgettable still and motion photography establishes Mark as one of the preeminent directors of his generation. Mark’s ability to adapt to a brand’s image through this multidimensional, multidisciplinary approach endears him to his clients, which include many of the world’s most recognizable businesses.

His Work in Nashville

Clients who appreciate Mark’s rare talent and uncommon skills include diverse businesses such as Mercedes Benz, SONY, Michelin, Miller Lite and Reebok. Elegantly designed, innovative product photography sets Mark apart as the leading creative professional in the advertising industry today.

Explore Mark’s work with advertising photography for Nashville clients by viewing his portfolio.

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