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If you’ve attended a fashion show, then you know the excitement that surrounds this type of event. Seeing new styles for the first time as gorgeous models strut along the catwalk is a thrilling experience that’s difficult to replicate.

Too often, clothes that are received warmly on the runway aren’t portrayed adequately in pictures or videos, which makes them less appealing to consumers. Whether you make clothes for the masses or fashion items reserved for an exclusive clientele base, it’s vital that the images of your fashion items be as compelling as their subject matter.

What is Fashion Photography?

Retail or fashion photography has been a specialized genre since photographers began professionally. A fashion photographer specializes in taking photos or creating videos of clothing and fashion items, creating stills for advertisements in print magazines, POP, billboards and other kinds of media. An editorial photographer may also make videos for television commercials or online ad campaigns.

As a stills photographer, director of photography and director, Mark DeLong has a unique skill set that makes him a highly sought-after editorial photographer in New York and many other locations. With multiple offices located in some of the busiest markets in the United States, DeLong is perfectly positioned to handle your next fashion photography production.

DeLong and his talented team of professionals have literally traveled the world to realize their clients’ visions. From shooting in controlled environments to getting the perfect shots in the remotest outdoor locations, DeLong always exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Fashion Clients Mark DeLong Has Worked With

As a New York editorial photographer and photographic globetrotter, Mark DeLong has made what seemed impossible a reality for many clients in the fashion industry. His attention to detail, his willingness to collaborate with clients and his demonstrated ability to execute flawlessly at every stage of a production are just some of the things that make DeLong stand out.

With more than 17 years of experience working as a fashion photographer, DeLong works with magazines and fashion brands from all over the world. Here are some of the fashion brands and publications DeLong has worked with:

  • Vogue

  • Macy's

  • Elle

  • Vanity Fair Brands

  • Harper's Bazaar

Just like you want your clothes and fashion items to look great on the runway, you want them to look fabulous in stills and videos. For your clothing items to look their best, you have to use the best. And the best is Mark DeLong Photography.

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If you want to see examples of DeLong’s work as a fashion or editorial photographer, we encourage you to look through his extensive portfolio online. If you’d like more information about Mark DeLong’s background or you’re curious about his availability for an upcoming production, feel free to contact us.

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