Mark DeLong:
Hotel Photographer // Nashville

As the saying goes, "Show, don't tell." Mark DeLong is an expert in everything visual. From brainstorming to adding finishing touches, Mark and his team work every role to create stunning visual images as stills and moving images.

The power of visuals is astounding. When you show potential visitors the beauty of your Nashville hotel, they can picture themselves in those images. Words are important, but pictures have a much more significant impact.

On every project, Mark and his team go above and beyond his clients' expectations to create captivating stills and moving images. Mark acts as Stills Photographer, Director and Director of Photography, involving him in every stage of the creative process. With his commitment to adding a personal touch, eye for detail and ability to create unique and engaging works, Mark is the best commercial hotel photographer in Nashville.


Early in the creative process, Mark and his team will work closely with you to determine your goals. Then, they'll create a product that will promote your hotel's brand and messaging goals.

Mark is an expert in set design and execution — that's one factor that makes him a superior interior photographer for your Nashville hotel. He'll consider every detail, and the resulting images will showcase the best attributes of your hotel to attract future customers and clients.

By creating both still and moving images, Mark can create beautiful visuals that are perfectly attuned to his vision. Mark's past work showcases his strength in understanding every client's brand in unique and unforgettable ways. Plus, his quick wit and easygoing demeanor make him a pleasure to work with.

With an unparalleled commitment to quality and creativity, Mark is involved in every step of the process for both stills and moving images. As a stills photographer, Mark captures vibrant, extraordinary scenes at your hotel. As director, he plans and executes big ideas but still pays close attention to the small details. And, as director of photography, Mark uses photography and creative lighting to tell a story through moving images.

Not many professional photographers can take on all three of these roles to create amazing visuals showing off your hotel.


Nashville is a unique city full of creatives and professionals in many different industries. With a thriving tourism industry, visitors to the city need a place to stay. Since the city has so many options for accommodations, your hotel needs to stand out. Visuals from Mark DeLong Photography will set your hotel apart from all others in the area.

A picture invokes a strong emotional response in people that view it. Mark is the person you need to create stills and moving images that show potential customers and clients why they should stay in your hotel, and not another one in the city.

Mark's work speaks for itself. Look through his extensive portfolio of clients from Nashville and other locations around the world.

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