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In today’s increasingly connected society, companies are doing more than simply selling products and services. They’re selling a lifestyle that their products or services will support seamlessly. To make consumers envision the lifestyle they can enjoy by using certain products or services, many brands seek out a luxury photographer.

Mark DeLong has been a lifestyle photographer for more than 17 years. Working as a travel photographer in locations throughout the world, DeLong has the creative vision and advanced technical skills to tell stories through still shots and motion pictures. As an accomplished stills photographer, director of photography and director, DeLong designs and captures images that another hotel photographer with less developed skills simply can’t.

What Does a Lifestyle Photographer Do?

Sometimes referred to as a travel or resort photographer, a lifestyle photographer attempts to capture subjects in a real-life situation in an artistic, tasteful manner. The goal of this kind of photography is to create images that enable viewers to imagine themselves engaging in the same type of activities and lifestyle that are portrayed in the still photos or motion pictures. In other words, a lifestyle photographer must use their craft to relay a compelling story to the people who’ll ultimately view their work, and it must be a story that viewers will want to be a part of.

For nearly two decades, Mark DeLong and his talented team of experts have been capturing life’s most compelling moments in stills and moving images for their clients. DeLong conceives of scenes that will communicate the sentiments his clients want and handles every aspect of the production. From scouting locations, developing complex lighting schemes, sourcing talent and personally compositing, retouching and editing images, he is heavily involved in every project he takes on from beginning to end.

DeLong collaborates closely with his clients to ensure the final product will deliver a clear message to bolster his clients’ brands. Meticulous at every stage of production, not even the tiniest detail escapes the attention of Mark DeLong and his team.

Lifestyle Clients Mark DeLong Photography Has Worked With

A highly acclaimed luxury photographer, Mark DeLong has worked with many established global clients on their lifestyle photography projects. Here are some of the clients DeLong has done work for:

  • Hilton Hotels

  • Marriott International

  • Waterford Crystal

  • BMW

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • Loews Hotels

  • Ford

  • Infiniti

While lesser photographers look at a lifestyle photo shoot as a job, DeLong and his team view each assignment they take on as an opportunity, a chance to breathe life into their clients’ products or services and the opportunity to introduce consumers to desirable lifestyles.

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