Travel Photographer

As an experienced luxury travel photographer, Mark DeLong has journeyed all over the world, shooting on locations near and far to capture the essence of the brand he is working for. His unmatched eye for detail and dedication produce images and video that exceed his clients' expectations every time. Mark manages the creative process from start to finish as well. Clients feel at ease knowing Mark and his team handle all aspects of production, so they can sit back and enjoy the process.

Mark always chooses best of the industry stylists and artists for all of his projects. During the production, he fosters a fun and stimulating atmosphere.

Motion Campaigns and Stills

Using a team of creative professionals equally dedicated to their craft, Mark takes a multimedia approach to his work. He can shoot stills and video, and often does both while working for travel brands. He sees the potential in any place he goes, finding new ways to look at timeless attractions and showcase them uniquely.

Mark works as well in motion photography as he does in stills. His attention to detail cultivates gorgeous depictions of landscapes, outdoor events, scenic waypoints and other travel destinations, using technical acuteness to achieve elegant imagery. Mark moves between stills and motion with the ease of someone who has complete confidence in his abilities and his team's professionalism. By staying involved in everything from pre-production to the final retouching and compositing of photos, Mark fulfills his vision and his clients' objectives.

World Travel Photographer for Luxury Brands

Mark firmly believes in the importance of photographer-client collaboration. He shares his vision with the travel brands he partners with and relies on their input to sharpen those ideas. He adopts the style of his client to ensure the messaging stays on brand. Mark relies on his creative instincts to inspire him and bring the concept to life.

The ability to marry artistry with messaging for an appealing yet effective ad is the hallmark of any Mark DeLong production. Clients appreciate the cohesion demonstrated across the many shoots Mark has undertaken. He takes a consistent approach on sets large and small, allowing him to deliver the results the client wants with the focus on the products being advertised.

Portfolio and Clients

Mark has traversed the world working for global brands in the luxury travel space. He embraces the challenge of going to new places to direct shoots. Whether the client is a small boutique or an internationally known name in the industry, they receive the same level of commitment and attention from Mark and his team. His innovative work grabs the eye and keeps people engaged. These qualities have elevated Mark to one of the leading world traveler photographers, and even with that well-established reputation, he continues to produce the stills and videos his clients desire.

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