Mark DeLong:
Lifestyle Photographer // Miami

Lifestyle is one of the most difficult genres to capture in a still photograph. Compelling lifestyle photographs require creativity, unparalleled attention to detail and the ability to capture an inspired moment in time. Mark DeLong delivers on these characteristics and more when working as your lifestyle photographer in the Miami area. With more than 17 years of experience shooting stills and motion, Mark knows how to artfully blend people and products into the most beautiful lifestyle imagery. Mark’s client list demonstrates the number of top brands he has worked with, as well as the diversity of industries he has captured. Mark’s versatility helps him bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to create an outstanding final product, no matter the concept.

However, achieving great results doesn’t only happen on the day of the shoot. While some photographers are churning through projects and getting photos out as quickly as possible, Mark DeLong Photography invests time and attention into each production. This involves thorough pre-production planning beforehand, a technical, detail-oriented approach on the day of the shoot, and meticulous effort while putting on the finishing touches in post. This process allows Mark to breathe life into a shoot and its subject, always casting the product in the best possible light.

You can find many lifestyle photographers in Miami. But when you want the most out of your shoot and can’t accept anything less than the best results, Mark DeLong Photography is the top commercial lifestyle photographer with a track record of success. Browse his portfolio to view his lifestyle work.

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