Mark DeLong:
Director of Photography // Miami

Every moment counts during your motion shoot. When you choose Mark DeLong as your director of photography in Miami, he maximizes each moment to produce the best results. Mark has more than 17 years of experience shooting stills and motion in lifestyle, fashion and commercial advertising. It’s this experience plus his creative eye and unmatched professionalism that allow him to take on ambitious, creative projects. Mark has the ability to take a concept and make it come to life, while finding ways to enhance the product throughout. Mark DeLong Photography specializes in commercial, advertising and lifestyle film.

One look at Mark’s client list demonstrates his ability to exceed the expectations of top brands. These brands trust Mark as their director of photography in Miami and major cities across America. Mark’s client list is also diverse, showing his versatility and ability to channel his creative skills for different industries. No matter the project, Mark’s full focus and attention are always on capturing compelling film that meets and exceeds his client’s objectives.

Ultimately, your production is too important to trust to a novice director of photography or videographer — or someone who churns through projects as quickly as possible. Your concept will get the treatment it deserves when you choose Mark DeLong as your director of photography in Miami. For every shoot, Mark DeLong Photography ensures that all aspects are carefully considered and that the final product fully captures, and elevates the intended message. He can master even the most complicated set in pursuit of seeing your vision become a reality.

We encourage you to view Mark’s motion portfolio to gain more insights about his work as a director of photography.

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