Mark DeLong:
Advertising Photographer // Los Angeles

Compelling ad campaigns call for an experienced advertising photographer who can take a concept and create a reality that exceeds all expectations. For more than 17 years, Mark DeLong Photography has been a trusted advertising photographer in Los Angeles, taking his clients’ visions and bringing them to life — beautifully, compellingly and efficiently. Mark’s creative eye, diverse experience and professionalism allow him to make the important on-set tweaks, technical adjustments and execute the details that make all the difference. His knowledge of what it takes to create outstanding advertising campaigns and product images sets him apart from other advertising photographers in Southern California and across the country.

Mark is at ease shooting for a variety of industries. He can apply his creative abilities toward making any product or service appealing to a brand’s target audience. Mark also excels at seeing the big picture, whether it’s on a large, heavily produced set or working on a long-term vision. Advertising campaigns should also have a cohesive feel, and Mark is experienced in creating that effect whether shooting motion or stills.

If you want the best advertising photographer in L.A., Mark DeLong Photography can help you exceed your goals. Your product and the campaigns to promote them are important — too important to trust to a novice or a photographer who churns through work as quickly as possible. Mark gives each project the time and care it deserves, channeling all of his creative energies into achieving the best results. View his portfolio today to browse some of his recent commercial advertising and product photography in L.A.

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