Mark DeLong:
Lifestyle Photographer // Los Angeles

Brands today are selling more than products and services. They are selling the lifestyle that using those products and services will create. Highly acclaimed, Mark DeLong is unmatched among lifestyle photographers in Los Angeles and across the country. He brings exceptional creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail to each shoot, and he remains focused on translating and directing compelling lifestyle scenes. Browse through his client list to view an impressive array of top commercial brands that have trusted him with their products and services.

You’ll also notice that the brands on Mark’s client list work in a variety of industries. Mark had the opportunity to shoot stills and motion for many different brands and industries across the world. Before any project, Mark spends significant time learning about the concept, the brand and its target audience. He translates this vision to create compelling lifestyle scenes that tell a story and inspire a positive response. Where many lifestyle photographers see each production as a job to be completed as quickly as possible, Mark views each shoot as an opportunity to breathe life into a product or brand to tell a brilliant story.

See your concept come to life when you choose Mark DeLong Photography as your lifestyle photographer in Los Angeles. His extensive portfolio and many repeat clients are a testament to his ability to exceed expectations on any lifestyle photography project..


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