Mark DeLong:
Music Photographer // Nashville

Uncommon talent, exceptional vision and the skill to execute — these are the words that describe the famous musicians and artists who call Nashville home. They’re also the words used to describe Mark DeLong, Nashville’s premier commercial music photographer. Mark DeLong and his team conceive and create still and motion photography productions that blend artistic vision with technical excellence, in a collaborative and rewarding environment.

His Approach

The world’s biggest entertainment talent expects extraordinary results. Close collaboration is essential, and Mark excels at exceeding the expectations of his clients because he manages every production from start to finish. Mark and his team choose the location and supporting talent, and actualize technically demanding sets. Mark can conceive and create innovative campaigns that result in images that tell a story clearly and elegantly.

Mark’s talent for designing multidisciplinary, multimedia approaches with equal skill has been recognized by photographers and experts in his industry. He coaxes the unique personality of every subject in the creation of highly personal images that reveal the character. He retouches, composites and edits every production so it meets his own detail-oriented standards, as well as the standards of the iconic personalities he shoots.

His Clients

Mark’s client list for music artist and record label photography includes Rascal Flatts as well as imaging for world-renowned industry businesses such as Warner Music, Capitol Records and SONY.

Explore Mark’s portfolio to view his photography for Nashville’s most talented musicians and artists.

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