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While photographers capture pictures and videos of celebrities on a daily basis, not every photographer is adept enough at their craft to take pictures and videos that are up to the standards of many stars and entertainers. To be a preferred photographer to the stars, you need a specific skill set.

Mark DeLong has been a sought-after celebrity photographer for more than 17 years. His attention to detail and willingness to collaborate closely with his clients are just a few of the reasons why celebrities use Mark DeLong Photography to capture the still images and motion pictures they want. Whether they want pictures for their private collections or professional purposes, stars and entertainers often turn to Mark DeLong Photography.

What Does a Celebrity Photographer Do?

Unlike corporate photography, celebrity photography is often a kind of photojournalism in which the subjects are typically famous in the realms of the arts, sports or politics. While many people think of paparazzi when they hear the term “celebrity photographer,” Mark DeLong is far from that.

Mark Delong is a skilled celebrity photographer who designs and creates moving personal images and motion pictures for celebrities in many lines of entertainment. DeLong works closely with his subjects with the constant end goal of exceeding their needs.

An exceptionally capable stills photographer, director of photography and director, Mark DeLong consistently produces compelling images and videos that are, to put it simply, unforgettable. DeLong’s artistic vision and advanced technical skills enable him to excel as a celebrity photographer in locations all over the globe.

Celebrity Clients Mark DeLong Photography Has Worked With

Mark DeLong and his team take special care with every client they work with. They make celebrities feel natural and comfortable, taking care of every production detail from start to finish. Whether it’s finding the perfect location, setting the ideal lighting, making styling arrangements or editing photos or videos, Mark DeLong is involved in every single step of the production process.

Many high-profile celebrities have used Mark DeLong Photography throughout the country and around the world. Some of the celebrities Mark DeLong has worked with over the course of nearly 20-year career include:

  • Morgan Freeman

  • Julianne Hough

  • Steve Buscemi

  • Robin McGraw

  • George Jones

  • Hayden Panettierre

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Rob Gronkowski

The consummate professional and technical expert, Mark DeLong puts everyone at ease because they know immediately that he’ll produce an exceptional final product. That’s why so many celebrities use Mark DeLong Photography whenever they need magazine or book covers, images for marketing, or advertising promotions or motion pictures for television.

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We encourage you to look through DeLong’s portfolio of work online. As you do, you’ll instantly realize why he’s the preferred celebrity photographer for many. If you want to learn more about Mark DeLong Photography’s availability for an upcoming project, contact us today.

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