Harper's Bazaar Cover Shoot

We shot an amazing fall editorial for Harper’s Bazaar in the beautiful countryside of New York last month. 


When people think of the best photographers in New York, they typically associate them with photo studios in the city. As a local New York fashion photographer, we’ve had the chance to not only shoot in some of the best studios in Manhattan, but all over the state of New York in the sweeping hills and little farm towns – and this shoot was no exception.


An integral part of being an editorial photographer is finding the perfect location to shoot. We decided a horse farm would compliment the vibrant and whimsical wardrobe our stylist was pulling for the project, but the search wasn’t an easy task. We always take an extremely methodical approach to picking a location. Since Mark is a seasoned New York advertising photographer, he always pays special attention to the detail of his surroundings that he knows so well, especially when shooting editorials.


After an in depth search, we decided on a little horse farm in Upstate New York that matched all of our qualifications. Mark spent hours on the location scout to decide where each individual shot would take place. When the shoot day came, the weather was perfect and the scenery left us awestruck. The property was an autumn dream and gave us more backdrops than we could have ever hoped for. Our model took horse-riding lessons as a child and jumped on one of the horses without hesitation. It left us with raw, beautiful images that simply can’t be captured in the bustle of downtown New York City. 

Our stylist for the project pulled pieces from some of the biggest designers around the world – Gucci, Dior, Erdem, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik and many others.

This has been one of our favorite shoots to date and we can’t wait to partner with Harper’s Bazaar again! Check out the cover shot below.