Healthcare Photographer: Re-Branding

Healthcare Re-Branding Photographer

You don’t have to be a healthcare photographer to know that the healthcare photography business today is noticeably different from what it was just a few years ago. To see how today’s business landscape differs from what it once was, all you have to do is look at magazine shoots for healthcare products and watch the pharmaceutical advertisements online or on television.

Stock Photos: A Thing of the Past

When you look at print advertisements or photos on websites belonging to healthcare providers, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the limited use of stock photos. Many healthcare providers are turning their backs on conventional stock-like pictures for photos that depict real-life moments. If you’re a pharmaceutical photographer or a healthcare advertising photographer, this trend makes it necessary for you to make some changes to produce the kind of imagery healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies are currently looking for.

Put simply, if you want to capitalize on the healthcare rebranding opportunities in the current marketplace, your portfolio should be diverse and include a mix of photos that demonstrates your versatility as a lifestyle and healthcare advertising photographer.

Brand Communication: A Critical Part of Healthcare Rebranding

Another trend that’s impacting the healthcare photography business today is an emphasis on brand communication. When it comes to healthcare, people are sometimes at their most vulnerable emotionally. For this reason, they want to have a connection with the brand that’s responsible for their healthcare and the well-being of those they love.

Healthcare rebranding requires pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to make their brands connect and resonate with consumers. One way you can help them do this is by taking photos of their staff members — the actual people they’ll meet when they visit a hospital or healthcare facility. You can also use real people who look like the individuals you’d normally see to portray moments related to healthcare that consumers can relate to.

Differentiation Is Key

Just like many hospitals, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies are emphasizing their brands in their marketing efforts. They’re also doing their best to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a healthcare advertising photographer, you’re in the perfect position to help them do this effectively.

By using video, you can give a healthcare provider the chance to interact and engage with prospective customers. Video makes viewers feel as if they’re at a facility and are participating in a portrayed moment. This makes it easier for them to envision how the experience they’ll have at your client’s location will be different from the way they’d be treated somewhere else.

Visual storytelling is another technique you can use to help your healthcare and pharmaceutical clients distinguish themselves from their competitors. Photo journals and photo books are innovative ways to tell a client’s story as it evolves. Storytelling is a great way to reveal various aspects about your client because it doesn’t limit you to repeating the same tale over and over again like photojournalism often does.

Whether you’re creating videos, practicing visual storytelling or taking stills, incorporating things like motion graphics and selective coloring into your imagery can help consumers see how your clients are different from other healthcare facilities. These things can also deepen the connection these people have with your clients’ brands.

Mark DeLong Photography

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