Hotel Photographer: The InterContinental Hotel


We are very lucky to come across so many companies and corporations that share the same quality and expectations for their brand that the Mark DeLong Photography team has. Recently, we had the opportunity to shoot a brand campaign for InterContinental Hotels Group.  IHG is a company rich in history dating back to 1946 when the Grande Hotel in the first Grand Hotel was opened in BelémBrazil.  Fast forward to 2018 and the brand is stronger than ever.  We traveled to Washington D.C. to shoot one of their new, luxurious properties that sits right on the Wharf in the heart of the city.


Shooting brand campaigns is something Mark loves to do. As a luxury photographer, he is in alignment with brands such as the InterContinental. It takes a very experienced commercial photographer to study a brand and know exactly what they’re trying to achieve with a lifestyle and advertising campaign. As an advertising photographer it is imperative to listen closely and read between the lines of what the client is aspiring to achieve and not only hitting their mark but adding something special to those needs to create a custom identity for the brand.  It’s not an easy task, but it’s something that Mark and his team have years of experience executing. Mark makes sure to stay true to a company’s vision while still incorporating his creative ideas to elevate each project, which is what makes him such a great brand photographer.  Many of our clients approach us with ideas, and then Mark is able to take their vision and mold it into a complete story for their brand. 


We brought our best team in from all over the United States for this project. Our wardrobe team came from New York and brought the most breathtaking designer gowns and suits. Because of Mark’s experience as a fashion photographer, he was able to not only capture elements of the beautiful architecture, but the amazing wardrobe as well. Hey! It’s like 2 photographers for the price of one.


Since Mark is also fluent in architectural photography, he was tasked with capturing various elements of the hotel as well as the lifestyle shots. The new hotel was expertly designed and you can tell the architects and the owner of the hotel meticulously thought out each element. From the flooring to the lampshades, to the ceiling tiles, to the intricate woodwork, every element complimented the next.  In an interview of the project Mark said, “I wanted to try to show the nuances of the hotel, to really have the viewer be able to absorb how special the hotel is.  Attention to detail is important.  It is my job to showcase this attention to detail and encapsulate it into a new identity while coinciding with brand guidelines.”  


Just like those details, each one of our shots were thought out and planned to capture the best angle and view of the hotel. We kept the hotel details at the forefront of our project and mapped out each shot specifically to make sure to show the hotel in the best way possible.


The Mark DeLong Team loved shooting for the InterContinental Hotel and is looking forward to many more projects with the global brand!