Intimate Apparel Photographer

Mark has years of experience in many different styles of photography, with intimate apparel and lingerie being two areas of expertise.

Mark believes it’s important to keep energy high to allow the models confidence to shine through and be able to translate through the camera. Personality and attitude are everything! We strive to keep the excitement in order to create truly natural imagery, while staying relative to the brand and the creative direction.

Some intimate shoots may be designed exclusively for packaging purposes.  These assets are constructed to be current and almost future proof since the “shelf life” of the imagery must relate over time to the consumer.  It sounds much easier than it is and ultimately takes years of commercial work to develop the necessary skillset to be able to guide the client to get the highest rate of return and sales.


Advertising photography relating to intimate apparel may have a bit more latitude as the goal is usually to create an epic set of images relating to an overall brand campaign or concept.  This creative may have more flexibility within the art as the usage usually does not extend out as long as the packaging imagery and is more susceptible to change.  In commercial photography, concepts are very fragile.  It requires a lot of trust from the client and confidence in the creative director to “allow” the photographer to do what they do best and stay true to the original concept and/or expand upon it.

 “I like to shoot as timeless as possible within the project scope.  To me, it allows the most return on investment from the client’s standpoint.  Classic does not go out of style, I shoot timeless.”

Mark shoots advertising and packaging for lingerie brands, and even what could be considered a hybrid of the two.  Each shoot can be very different from the next, so we break down the look and feel that the client is going for in the pre-production phase and organize the shoot for efficiency.  Sometimes clients need sexy and serious and others need lots of energy and smiles.  As a brand photographer, Mark excels in bringing out brand personality through each image and understands how important it is to capture authentic, timeless beauty.