New York, long considered one of the fashion capitals of the United States, if not the world, has suddenly found itself facing competition from up and coming fashion capitals across the United States.

Los Angeles is slowly emerging as a fashion destination, emphasizing a laid-back style that bucks conformity.

Miami is another fashion capital, and the fashion there asserts sexuality. The clothes, typically designed for warmer temperatures, are tight fitting with low necklines. Nashville is also starting to become famous outside of its status as the music capital of the US. Its slowly emerging status as a fashion capital makes it an attractive destination for independent brands.

While this is merely a brief overview of reasons for each city’s designation as a fashion destination, it is important to outline critically the details of how and why these cities are so important in the world of fashion.


 New York Fashion Week occurs bi-annually, in early February and early September. The events are typically invitation only, often attended by celebrities, the press and members of the industry. New York’s fall/winter fashion week in February 2016 recently included designs by the following designers:

  • Hood by Air’s models journeyed to both the future and the past. Models embodied genderless styles with wigs from the 18th century and eyebrows from the punk era.

  • Baja East, the brainchild of Scott Studenberg and John Targon, combined both East and West Coast fashions to create what they term “loose luxury.”

  • Reem Acra focused on fringe and ruffles to create what they termed a “Femme Fatale” style. Well-known designer DKNY showcased their collection with models wearing sweatshirts which read “Don’t knock New York.” DKNW models also wore white lacing braided into their hair to create a varsity feel.

  • New York fashion photographers captured some of the most compelling looks of the fall/winter show. “Winter florals, menswear-inspired and bohemian-chic” were three very popular looks that were featured at this show. And designer Simon Malls showcased fashions that featured these trendy looks.

  • While Simon Malls showcased the floral and bohemian looks at the fall/winter show, Monique Lhuillier created a classy look with gold ornaments on a black gown and Desigual adorned their models nails with colorful feathers.

  • Designer Jeremy Scott added a unique twist to his fall/winter show, draping Lexuses from the New York Fashion Week fleet and driving around New York City.

  • Nicole Hanley Mellon is a designer who first fell in love with fashion after seeing the beautiful dresses in her grandmother’s closet. Moreover, the inspiration for her fall/winter 2016 collection was museum art in Madrid. She always considers a women who is “on the go” when deciding on the designs for her fashion.

  • Though Hanley Mellon focuses on the busy woman, designer Jay Godfrey said that all the women he sees in New York City inspire him. His fall/winter 2016 collection drew inspiration from specific paintings of Lucio Fontana. His designs for this fashion season have a great deal color and crisp lines.

The center of any fashion show is its models, and at New York’s fall/winter fashion show, IMG Models Senior Vice President Ivan Bart explained how the modeling industry has changed due to the evolution of social media. He discussed how his agency increased focus on an all-inclusive concept, featuring models of “varying ages, races, sizes, and genders.” The basic concept of modeling is that the model will inspire not only the designer, but the customer as well, according to Bart. He also stated that the model must be able to adhere to a strict schedule, and show up at assignments on time and be willing to work long hours in less than ideal settings.

However, none of the high trends of fashion week
can be memorialized without the presence of high-end fashion photographers like Mark DeLong. Professional fashion photographer Mark DeLong has worked with high fashion models in New York on unique projects that require great attention to detail.

After the week of shows with models and professional photographers, forecasters try to determine which trends are likely to become popular.

Some of the most inspiring trends likely to gain popularity are:

  • Ton Sai Chic”-tie-dye, linen, and pullovers are the types of styles inspired by this trend.

  • The Cold Shoulder”-uses these types of outlines for this unique style.

  • The Puffy Shirt”-highlights blouses with ruffles and was featured in more than one runway show.

  • Goodnight”-showcases a variety of sleepwear from lingerie to pajama sets.

  • Pump up the Volume”-shows that designers can combine very largely proportioned designs with fashions which can actually be wearable.

  • Esalen or Bust”-is based upon the style named after a California hippie-style retreat and features peasant-style clothes that have a prairie feel.

  • Go Blue (and Orange)”-uses many combinations of blue and orange in clothing styles.

  • Golden Girl”-features the glitzy glamorous style of shimmery golden cloth to add glamour.

  • Actual Shirt Dressing”-revisits the idea of layering sleeveless dresses with shirts underneath.

  • Juicy Couture”-reveals that shirts, skirts, and dresses can be pretty amazing with just one color, even orange or blue on its own.

  • Fun Fringe”-is more of a velvet-style soft fringe instead of Western fringe. This fringe will trim both dresses and skirts.

In addition to the up-and-coming trends which follow New York Fashion Week, there are often beauty tips which models share after the grueling fashion changes and intense makeup sessions.

For the best mascara on the bottom lashes, it is important to angle your mascara brush and barely touch the lower lashes so that they don’t clump and blend into your eyeliner. And in order to get the most definition out of your lashes, only add mascara to the outer corners of the lashes after curling them.

To get the best look out of your lipstick, make sure you use lip pencil that is either the same color as your lipstick or is the same color as your lips.

The best remedy for flyaway hair is to use just a touch of hairspray. Spray the hairspray onto your fingers, and then just press down on the flyaways. That way you avoid a look that has too much hairspray and at the same time tame those stray hairs.

Nail decals are the best idea for adding polish to your nails. There is no dry time, and you don’t need to and really shouldn’t add a top coat. A top or base coat will cause the nail decals to lift. And remember if you are using dark polish not to get too close to the cuticle. It is better to have less polish on the brush so that the polish doesn’t pool around the cuticle.


 Los Angeles host its fashion weeks in both March and October. These west coast fashion weeks are designed to focus on the most innovative fashion in the United States. The March show took place in West Hollywood in the Pacific Design Center which can hold up to 900 people with seating for 400. This event received press coverage from media outlets such as Glamour, Vogue, US Weekly, and Apparel News. Labels which presented included Hale Bob, Liberty Garden, Armature, Foxbait, I Am Zoe, and Ca-Rio-Ca.

Kids wear brands were featured as part of the March LA Arts Hearts Fashion show as is VH1’s Save the Music Foundation. Featured designers include Mimi Tran, Walter Mendez, Mister Triple X, Willfredo Gerardo, Stello Official, Rocky Gathercole, and Merline Labissiere.

Fashion Week LA held shows at Union Station and featured swimwear along with labels from Robin’s Jean, Cynthia Rowley, and Moods of Norway.

Los Angeles credits some of its fashion style to Beyoncé whose lemon yellow Cavalli dress was featured in her album “Lemonade.” And let’s not forget the peach Givenchy gown that she wore to the Met Gala.

Yet the most popular styles to be on the lookout for include pieces she has worn at recent shows including a sort of 19th century Victorian look designed by DSquared2. This look features a bustier made of velvet and black crystals and embroidered sleeves which have puffed shoulders. This is made complete by the lace bodysuit which has fishnet stockings and ankle boots in black. Beyoncé completes the outfit with a hat with a large brim.

Some of her wardrobe has been created by Gucci and was possibly inspired by Gucci’s 2016/2017 fall and winter collection. These pieces feature a bodysuit made of geometrically designed ivory and red sequined shapes topped off by a red mink coat.

Designer Balmain created some of Beyoncé’s fashions and designed a bodysuit with lace patterns and silk ruffles made complete with hand embroidery with pearls and crystals.

Yet in a slight change from the bustiers and bodysuits, Beyoncé does change it up a bit. She wears a long fur coat designed by Adrienne Landau.

Aside from the glitz and glamour of Beyoncé’s concert fashion, California girls need to switch it up to reveal their laid back style. Enter Teva, a collection celebrated by Beyoncé’s sister, Solange. The Teva collection encompasses the designs of a graphic designer, a textile artist, and a creative group to master clothing that is very unique. And ten percent of their proceeds go to non-profit, P.S. Arts, an organization based in Los Angeles which is dedicated to improving the arts education programs in some public schools.

Finnish designer Marimekko teams up with Target to offer outdoor and patio furniture in fun floral black and white designs. Additionally, they are offering summer wear that exhibits the same style.

And while Beyoncé loves Roberto Cavalli for her concert fashion, the new creative director of Roberto Cavalli, Peter Dundas, has a slightly different take on the modern Cavalli woman. He describes some of the ensembles for his spring and summer 2016 collection as “biker babe-meets-’80s pop star.” Some of the daytime fashions included trench coats paired with short shorts. Nighttime fashions combined tops with a sweatshirt style and skirts along with gold lame and animal prints.

Dundas attributes his design experience to his previous work at Cavalli as well as work at Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Emmanuel Ungaro, and Emilio Pucci.

Los Angeles fashion photographer Mark DeLong has an office in the fashion hub of Los Angeles. This is also the city that is home to some of his biggest clients.


 Miami is a city with fashion all of its own. And while Miami’s Fashion Week isn’t as large as those of New York and Los Angeles, there are still a number of prominent designers who attend. Slated for the first week in June, Miami’s Fashion Week includes a number or red carpet events along with master classes and an Antonio Banderas Soiree. Shows feature the fashions of Ana Maria Guiulfo, Yirko Sivirich, Claudia Bertolero, and Rene Ruiz.

Miami has been designated a fashion capital for a number of reasons. Its year-round warm climate is enticing to people who want to shop in its exclusive shops and boutiques. South Beach is a favored destination in Miami and home to outlets of some famed modeling agencies including Wilhemina Models, Elite Model Management, and William Morris. Many well-known designers also make Miami their home. Designers residing in this fashion mecca include Bruce Weber, Lazaro Hernandez, and of course the now deceased Gianni Versace who was gunned down as he read the Italian newspapers at a café near his home in 1997. Hernandez’s label Proenza Schouler is a very trendy Miami style label which creates clothing reflecting Miami’s color and vacation style.

Shoe designer Alejando Ingelmo was born in Miami and may have inherited some of his success in shoe design from his great-grandfather who was a shoe designer in Spain.

Not only can Miami claim that it is home to some talented and famous designers-it also boasts fabulous shopping. The Webster Miami is located in South Beach and houses fashions from designers such as Lisa Marie Fernandez, Balmain, and Alexander Wang in its 20,000 square foot building.

A number of boutiques with a high-end style are located in Miami’s Design District. Maison Martin Margiela is one of three shops with the same name in the U.S. and is known for its very unique Margiela style focusing somewhat on elements of the scientific.

Other shops along the Design District include En Avance which is a high-end boutique that sells clothing by designers such as Yigal Azrouel and Robert Rodriguez and Marni. Last but not least is an accessory store that showcases very unusual accessories. This store, Nektar De Stagni, has sold shark teeth earrings which are encased in enamel made of pearl.

It is impossible to mention Miami fashion without including some high-end shops that are located in trendy malls. Open air malls such as Bal Halbour Shops and Village of Merrick Park are the home to a number of designer stores including Burberry, Chanel, Prada, Lanvin, and Carolina Herrera. Barney’s CO-OP can be found on Miami Beach and offers lower prices.

Miami Fashion photographer Mark DeLong is one of the unique photographers who excels at lifestyle photography. He is able to blend people with products to create fabulous images.


Nashville is another southern city with style, charm, and flair. This country music capital has a style all its own. Nashville held a fashion week at the beginning of April in 2016. A number of local, U.S., and global designers attended Nashville Fashion Week in 2016.

Designers included Andrew Clancey who started Any Old Iron in New York and moved to Nashville two years ago. His target audience includes fashion- forward men and Nashville’s musicians.

Nashville is also home to designers Emil and Leslie Congdon. Their leather good company, founded in 2008, is a company focused on luxury goods with an eye for excellent craftsmanship. This husband and wife team has chosen Nashville as the destination to raise their four children and continue their designs.

Nashville can boast that it is home to a finalist in Project Runway’s 11th and 13th seasons. Voted “Nashville’s Best Fashion Designer” for four years, Amanda Valentine has created ready-to-wear pieces for women that have an edgy look with bold prints. Some of her work has even been part of the wardrobes of rock bands such as Twenty- One Pilots.

Designer Rosa Hermosa claims Nashville as her home and contributes a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her clothing to fund a scholarship for girls in Honduras. She has currently raised approximately $40,000.

Another Nashville designer was Ashley Balding who created the design house of Ona Rex in 2014. She wanted pieces that were truly unique and highly focused on attention to details.

Visual art has also made an impact on Nashville. Nashville based visual artist Mary Mooney was able to turn her abstract paintings to art that is wearable. She has created pendants that each have their own unique brush strokes and transitions.

Native Tennessean Julianna Bass studied design at Middle Tennessee State University and completed her design study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She is a world renown designer who now lives in Berlin.

Southern designer Brooke Atwood received her design degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and opened her own boutique in Mississippi. Brooke later sold her boutique to help fund her career as a designer and started creating t-shirts made out of leather.

Another southern designer, Megan Huntz, is based in Atlanta. She started Megan Huntz Dresses in 2010 after studying fashion at the Domus Academy in Milan and graduating from the Pratt Institute. She also worked for companies such as Spazio Lazzari of Treviso and MaxMara.

U.S. designer Lagi Nadeau showcased a line which shows clothes that are both feminine and sophisticated. She believes in the importance of creating pieces that are well-made for women with an intensive focus on their style.

While Nashville’s Fashion Week included native designers such as Clancey, it also included designers from around the globe. Arturo Rios, a hat designer from Los Angeles, introduced head ware with particular focus on the colors of nature and flowers with the inclusion of birds.

International designer Francesca Marotta attended Nashville’s Fashion Week and has been featured in design shows all around the globe. Her designs have been shown in high profile fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harpers. And she has the distinction of having her label worn by celebrities including Natasha Bedingfield.

Another international designer was Oberima Afriyie whose first collection showed the individuality inspired by warriors from Japan’s Edo period. The name of this collection was “Kabukimono.”

No design show is complete without the inclusion of accessories. Debe Dohrer created pieces using a beading technique.

And Kallmeyer New York combined the design of accessories with women’s wear to help women in their everyday aspirations. Daniella Kallmeyer celebrates her American made products with their luxurious feel and offers them to a more mainstream audience.

Yet reproductions of the fabulous images at Nashville’s fashion week wouldn’t be possible without the talented visions of Nashville fashion photographers such as Mark DeLong whose skill honed after 17 years of experience has enabled him to create quality photographs in areas such as advertising, celebrity, lifestyle, and music artists. For more information, please contact Mark Delong.