So we were in the midst of pre-production for a commercial still photo and video shoot for a joint project featuring Nike, Under Armour, and Hibbett Sports to take place in the Nashville studio.  I wanted to work with extremely talented dancers to make the project come to life.  While walking one evening with Melissa in Miami Beach,  we noticed a crowd of people on the street.  We went over to check it out,  and it was there that we discovered some amazing dancers b-boying.  I was so inspired by their talent! We submitted them immediately to the client for approval.  The next thing they knew they were on a plane to Nashville for the shoot.  Not only were they fabulous for the commercial project, but we also made some great friends in the process.  Later that week we all decided to explore their special abilities even further.  We wrote and directed a few short sequences with some cool music. Check out the Hibbett Sports final project, along with the fun short that we put together.