Automotive Photographer: INFINITI

The Mark DeLong Photography team recently partnered with INFINITI to create a campaign highlighting their state of the art service department.

Infiniti is known as one of the top luxury car retailers in the United States and across the world. They work to keep their brand extremely elevated, and we witnessed that they don’t stop their expert service when they hand over the keys to one of their customers.


DeLong has a certain panache as a luxury photographer, he and our team felt completely aligned with Infiniti’s brand and how they portray themselves as a company. They make sure all of their employees are experienced in their specific roles just like we do at Mark DeLong Photography. Our entire crew is highly skilled as we work with only best of the best in each market to fulfill the final vision. 

Infiniti continues to be one of the world’s innovators in technology. To be a successful photographer, DeLong also places a big importance on knowing the latest emerging technology and stays up to date in order to bring our clients the absolute best product. Infiniti also puts a huge emphasis on the experience of driving, whether that be how comfortable the cabin of the car is or how digitally equipped their models are. The MDP team has the same goal – not only do we want you to have a beautiful final product, we want the entire experience of a production to feel elevated and luxurious. From the initial estimate to the delivery of the finals, we strive to keep the process as seamless as possible. Working with Mark DeLong Photography means you have a true creative partner throughout the process.


We were tasked with capturing just how important taking care of their customer is to Infiniti. Their technicians are highly trained and they have exceptional hospitality at every facility, as we were able to experience. As a commercial photographer and advertising photographer, years of automotive experience came into practice.  It was a pleasure to see how Infiniti takes pride in their service managers and technicians and how their service managers and technicians took equal pride in the company they work for.  We felt as if we were an aligned extension of Infiniti and extremely proud of our team’s ability to really “drive” and give our clients the experience of feeling like our only client. 


Everything looks easy in the final brochure, right?  We took great care in orchestrating that all the actions actors & models were authenticated by the Infiniti technical gurus.  This was a very detailed orientated process because if it is is not accurate it is of no use.  We are honored to work with Infiniti and proudly stand behind our product as they do theirs.