Vegas Baby!

We had the sincere pleasure to work with one of the International giants in the hotel world for a very unique project.  I loved my art director and her vision for both of the campaigns.  We like to think we have a very diverse portfolio and many genres of photography (fashion photography, celebrity photography, lifestyle photography, hotel photography, and advertising photography).  I have always said that one genre is a great inspiration to the other, and this shoot was no different.  This particular hotel photography project consisted of 2 shots, and each one was very different - almost polar opposites.  It was quite a compliment for us to be chosen because of our photographic diversity, which came in handy for this shoot.  The challenge was to complete 2 shots for worldwide usage for a new branding objective.

As a lifestyle photographer, fashion photographer and advertising photographer, I was able to infuse my expertise from each genre into this shoot, from framing organic moments in the shoot, to advising what outfits would look best, to capturing the essence of the brand.

We were fortunate to have our best team on this shoot and as it turns out, it took everyone’s “A-game” to make it happen.  When I think of Vegas, I always think warm in the day and cold in the evening, right?  Wrong!  It was just above freezing in the day and even colder at night.  Not to worry, Hot Hands to the rescue!

We developed the concepts several weeks prior to the shoot with our team and produced very detailed presentations for the client so there would be no surprises from concept, to the models, the boards, the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup and even the prop details.

The interior image looked like a movie set after we completed all of the intricate lighting and the talent really got into the roles. We had a very specific window of time to prepare and shoot the exterior image. With all of the glass buildings surrounding the hotel, we had to time everything just right to get the perfect shot.

Check out the final images below!