San Francisco: Advertising Photography

One of the best things about being an advertising photographer is the opportunity to travel all over the country, discover new cities and explore the cities you love.

This year we shot a rebranding advertising campaign for a luxury condominium in San Francisco.  This shoot was not only architectural photography as the advertising agency wanted to use models to bring life to the newly built property.  The client needed Mark’s professional eye to bring out the details in the property, and to give it a sense of light and life with the models. 


The views from the building were spectacular. You can see from some of our behind the scenes photos that we were in complete awe of our surroundings on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.


LUMINA is 37 stories and a building that tall isn’t easy to navigate with a crew of 20+ people.  It takes an experienced professional photographer to understand the logistics of getting the perfect shot in a certain amount of time and still have enough time for company moves to various locations.


Mark’s special attention to lighting was perfect for this client – the building’s name (LUMINA) even plays off of the word light. Mark has mastered lighting over the many years he’s been shooting as a commercial photographer and advertising photographer.  

The LUMINA campaign is stunning!  We can’t wait until the next project in San Francisco!